The Best Exfoliating Body Towel - Salux

To keep your skin summer ready (actually all year around) my favorite shower essential is the Salux Exfoliating Body Towel! Use it with your shower gel or soap and lather it up. Exfoliates your entire body daily and reaches the hard areas like your back. It never gets gross like those shower puffs. I always travel with one and keep one at home. If you want a deeper exfoliation then go for the Salux Super Hard Towel (also available at The Brow Bar). They are even longer in length and great for guys.

*Do not buy the imitators, they are not the same!

My Favorite Cotton Pads - For Toner, Makeup Removal, Etc.

If you're still using cotton balls, cotton rounds, or cotton pads made in the USA this is going to be a real game changer. Cotton balls never have enough surface area, soak up too much product, and the cotton rounds/squares have hard edges that scratch the skin. My favorite cotton pads are the Japanese MUIJI Unbleached Cotton Pads. Super soft, no hard edges, enough surface area for toner and makeup removal.