Uriage Xemose - Saving My Dry Skin!

This giant cream pump by Uriage Xemose is everything! My skin is so dry and this cream absorbs well and smells great. After I saw a friend drag this huge jar from Paris to LA, I knew it had to be so good she would pack this huge thing in her suitcase just for a holiday. So I stocked up on my last trip to Paris. For dry climates like LA and cold places like NYC it will give your skin relief!

Sleep Essentials

We usually don't think about our sleep position but it can affect the face. First, if you have a tendency to sleep on your face you may notice a few more wrinkles on that side. You may also wake up with deep creases in your face that take a few hours to fade away. Second, it can alter how your muscles lay in your face as you age, most noticeably when it comes to brow symmetry, because you may get a more droopy brow repeatedly sleeping on that side. Also, affecting your lash lift curl or your lash extension retention on that side.

There are a couple solutions I recommend. Train yourself to sleep on your back. The best way to start is with a foam contour pillow. The neck support will help to cradle your neck perfectly while sleeping on your back. If you do happen to turn on your side the curved area won't squish your face. My favorite is the Tempur-pedic neck pillow.

I also love a silk pillow case. Not only is it good for your skin, reducing wrinkles and creases, but it's good for your hair (reducing breakage and bed head)! I love this 100% silk pillow case because it's one of the most dense you can buy.

The Best Exfoliating Body Towel - Salux

To keep your skin summer ready (actually all year around) my favorite shower essential is the Salux Exfoliating Body Towel! Use it with your shower gel or soap and lather it up. Exfoliates your entire body daily and reaches the hard areas like your back. It never gets gross like those shower puffs. I always travel with one and keep one at home. If you want a deeper exfoliation then go for the Salux Super Hard Towel (also available at The Brow Bar). They are even longer in length and great for guys.

*Do not buy the imitators, they are not the same!

Euthymol Toothpaste

I just discovered this amazing Euthymol Toothpaste on my recent trip to Europe. It's made in Ireland but I found it in my friends bathroom in Barcelona. The packaging is so cute and vintage, and the best part is when you squeeze the pink toothpaste out of the tube, it has a sweet mint flavor that may have a slight root beer taste. It's also fluoride free with antiseptic ingredients. Keep your mouth fresh and your bathroom chic!

My Favorite Cotton Pads - For Toner, Makeup Removal, Etc.

If you're still using cotton balls, cotton rounds, or cotton pads made in the USA this is going to be a real game changer. Cotton balls never have enough surface area, soak up too much product, and the cotton rounds/squares have hard edges that scratch the skin. My favorite cotton pads are the Japanese MUIJI Unbleached Cotton Pads. Super soft, no hard edges, enough surface area for toner and makeup removal.

My Favorite Travel Essentials

Whenever I travel I look for the best way to minimize and go lighter. I try to always travel with just a carry on suitcase. My favorite is the Lipault 4 wheel 22 inch carry on. Super light and flexible so you can cram anything in it. The four wheels are super important, what ever brand you buy, because you will be able to get through any aisle, and in and out of any bathroom stall with ease. I also own the Lipault 28 inch packing case, for when I travel on long haul flights. No point in getting the 26 inch medium size, since you have to check it in regardless, go bigger. 

Next, the hairdryer! When you have a lot of hair it's the worst to have damp and frizzy hair. I love the Conair Travel Smart Folding Hair Dryer. It's so light, small, and fits in the palm of your hand! You can also adjust the voltage setting for international travel.

Lastly, two other items I love, especially when you know you may be buying alot on your trip. The Samsonite Tote-a-ton Duffle Bag is very light and folds right up, slip it in your carry on just in case, and check it on your return trip. I also bring the Orbsgo Digital Luggage Scale. This way I can check the weight of my luggage in the hotel room so I don't have to be stressed out and rearrange my luggage at the airport.

My Favorite Skincare Supplements - Omega 7 & Astaxanthin

My favorite two skin supplements I take daily are New Chapter's Omega 7 (Seabuckthorn) and Now Foods Astaxanthin. Omega 7 is made from the seabuckthorn berry. It's great for skin and helps to stimulate hair & nail growth (great for sparse brows). Astaxanthin helps to make the skin more resilient to sun damage, fight wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation. You will also notice your skin texture change after a few weeks, as well as less dry eye.

NYC May Catalog Shoot

Just wrapped a great week of new catalog shoots for two brands in NYC. Worked with supermodel Lars Burmeister, one the top male models. You might recognize him from his ads with Givenchy. We also shot models Clair Westenberg and Daria Popova, beautiful girls!