Sleep Essentials

We usually don't think about our sleep position but it can affect the face. First, if you have a tendency to sleep on your face you may notice a few more wrinkles on that side. You may also wake up with deep creases in your face that take a few hours to fade away. Second, it can alter how your muscles lay in your face as you age, most noticeably when it comes to brow symmetry, because you may get a more droopy brow repeatedly sleeping on that side. Also, affecting your lash lift curl or your lash extension retention on that side.

There are a couple solutions I recommend. Train yourself to sleep on your back. The best way to start is with a foam contour pillow. The neck support will help to cradle your neck perfectly while sleeping on your back. If you do happen to turn on your side the curved area won't squish your face. My favorite is the Tempur-pedic neck pillow.

I also love a silk pillow case. Not only is it good for your skin, reducing wrinkles and creases, but it's good for your hair (reducing breakage and bed head)! I love this 100% silk pillow case because it's one of the most dense you can buy.