Han Nari - SOS Masqu'ampoule Tea Tree


Han Nari - SOS Masqu'ampoule Tea Tree


Skin prone to brilliance and imperfections?

SOS Masqu'Ampoule Tea Tree purifies your skin with the power of essential tea tree oil.

Recognized for its sanitizing properties, tea tree slows sebum secretion and limits the formation of comedones.Natural anti-inflammatory, it deeply cleans the skin and prevents the proliferation of bacteria responsible for acne.

The purifying action of the serum is boosted by the  Cypress of Japan  which accelerates the healing process of the skin and  Verbena Lemongrass  which clarifies the complexion.

  • Unfold and apply the mask on clean and dry face.

  • Leave on for 15 minutes then remove the mask.

  • Massage and gently pat your face for better absorption of the serum.

  • Do not rinse. Apply your usual cream.

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